Thursday, September 8, 2016

Today's Morning Meeting Sharing: If I Had a Million Dollars

  • I'd save for college, buy a house and have three rescue cats.  I'd also save enough money to have them neutered.  
  • I'd buy a house, a car, a dog, and I'd replace my computer
  • I'd buy a pit bull and a truck
  • I'd buy a chimpanzee
  • I'd pay the rent and bank the rest of the money
  • I'd buy an apartment building and a restaurant with a house in it
  • I'd give the money to a homeless shelter
  • I'd help my mom pay her rent
  • I'd give all the money to my mom
  • I'd buy a marmoset and a bunny
  • I'd help people get back on their feet
  • I'd use mine for groceries
  • I'd buy airspace defense
  • I'd give half of it to healthcare and then buy a camera
  • Pay the bills 
  • Hire a private nurse for my grandma
  • Invent a tube like they have at the bank so I could go visit my family easily and quickly
  • I'd hire a personal assistant
  • I'd stock food pantries
  • I'd buy three houses  - one in Florida, one for my son and his three kids, and one for my other son in the Dominican Republic (he has to travel there a lot)
  • I'd buy a house in Prince Edward Island and then invest the rest and give the interest to charitable causes

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