Thursday, December 4, 2014

What's Going on in Petunia's Classroom?

Our class has been studying lots of interesting things lately!
In our science class, we've been working on rocks and minerals.  We'll be doing certain tests to figure out different types of minerals based on their properties.  In social studies, we've been working on using an atlas.  The students LOVE atlas work!
 We're working on adding and subtracting large numbers with regrouping in math.  Today, we found the difference in height between the Citigroup  Center and the Empire State Building.  In case you were wondering, the Empire State Building is taller by 335 feet!
Roald Dahl has made his magical way into fourth grade again this year.  Last week we read The Twits with partners.  This week, we're reading George's Marvelous Medicine.  While reading aloud, students are practicing reading with voice and then answering comprehension questions that correspond with the chapters read.  In addition, Mrs. Stone has been reading a book called, Nickel Bay Nick.  It's a Great Stone Face Nominee.  The kids are really enjoying being with their peers from Mr. Wetmore's class while listening to Mrs. Stone.
On a different note, the PTO supported the purchase of a voice amplification system for our class.  Boy, has it made a HUGE difference!  Students are able to better listen and better hear my voice.  In addition, we've been able to take the amplifier on the road!  We've brought it with us to the Kilton Library, The Hatchery, and various visitors to our classroom as well as students have been able to use the tool.  Thanks to the PTO - this was MONEY WELL SPENT!!!
Our last day of school is December 19th.  Enjoy the two week break.  Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 1, 2014


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Student Survey

Today, students in Ms. Allen's class took a survey on school.  Ask your child about it today!