Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jumpin' January

It's January and we've jumped right back in to our studies!  The students seemed to have grown over the holiday break and settled into their fourth grade bodies.  All is calm and collected. 
In math we've been studying graphs and data using our math pilot Math in Focus.  This unit has been easy for most of our students as Trailblazers worked on graphs and data in every unit.  The district will be making a decision about the new math program in April.  The choices are between Envision Math and Math in Focus. 
In Daily 5, we've been meeting daily to read various Roald Dahl books in a book club format.  Our students have been bringing in refreshments to share with their fellow readers to eat while they discuss the books.  So far we've read The Twits, George's Marvelous Medicine, and we are working on The Giraffe, The Pelly, and Me.  The kids are certainly enjoying Dahl's humor!
In science, we've been studying electricity.  Using Delta science kits, funded by the PTO, we've learned how to build a simple circuit using a lightbulb, wire, and battery.  Last week, we started learning about series and parallel circuits. 
We got news from New Hampshire Fish and Game last week. Our brook trout will be available for pick up in February.  We'll be raising them to the fry stage and setting them free in Great Brook in early spring.  
In other news, our class has been given money through Adopt-A-Classroom from our local West Lebanon JCPenney store to support material and technology purchases.   Thank you to JcPenney!
Happy New Year!