Sunday, March 29, 2015

Medieval Feast 2015

The queen, king, and a knight - costumes all thanks to Aaron DeClerk

A parent serving food to the minstrels and knights.

The whole crew.

Dancing with Mrs. Greenough

Students helping each other get ready for the feast

Monday, March 16, 2015

March Madness

It gets to that point in the season when you go a little mad and then this happens:
Several slices of the pie make a whole!
 Here's the class eagerly awaiting the painting instruction!
 With slightly diluted LIQUID watercolors, students followed instructions to make the sky.  6 stripes of black...pass the dish.....6 of blue with 1 overlapped...pass the dish and so on...
 We're very good at sharing and passing!  We only had one spill!

 Our three moon girls were very particular about getting their background all lined up.
Almost there!

We couldn't wait to see how it would look hanging up all in a row!

 Here we are drawing our trees using Sharpie marker to outline and then BLACK liquid watercolor (not diluted) to fill in.

 This is the teacher's sample.  We do things best when things are modeled for us!

TA DA! - THOUGH - it's even better in person.  We'd love to tell you about how we MADE the moon...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rockin' and Readiin'

Elephant Ball

 Here are the students playing "Elephant Ball."  To play, legs should be spread, feet touching while all students are bent over, hands clasped (like an elephant's trunk).  To get the ball around the circle, students punch the ball.  The object of the game it to get the ball around the circle without having it go through legs.