Sunday, August 31, 2014

Teaching on Tuesday!

On Tuesday, September 2, 2014, we'll start school at Mount Lebanon!  Over the summer lots of things happened!  We have a new superintendent, a new principal, a new classroom, and a NEW year!
Our classroom space is all set for the 22 fourth graders to learn.  We have a new math program this year too!  We even have new math manipulatives. I have a plan to have a math lesson of exploration with a guided discovery using our new math books and our new manipulatives.   It's going to be a blast!
We also have MONARCH CATERPILLARS!  We'll be raising a few caterpillars and studying their life cycle.  While doing so, we'll write our own books.
I'm hoping we'll have lots of parent volunteers this year!  We're going to need some help with art projects, math games, and field trips!
Well, that's all for now....more to come...hopefully weekly...hopefully by kids...
High hopes for a happy year!