Tuesday, June 9, 2015

End of Year Memories

Today, I had the students write memory letters. Here are a few highlights...

"What I enjoyed about the year was the million art projects we did and how you made all the art projects fit in with what we were studying."

"...P.S. I love your flashy clothes and I'll miss it."

"I think next year you should keep all your laughter and happiness...I appreciate all the work you do for us...this truly was the best year ever..."

"My heart is going in two different ways; one part says "Boo" and the other says, "Yay!"

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Dungeon

The kids who read the book The Tale of Desperaux are watching the movie while completing a Venn diagram.


It's Symmetric!

Today, we started our math unit on lines, shapes, and angles.  Using vocabulary cards provided online from Envision and with a suggestion from Ms. Skiffington, students used vocabulary cards and definition cards to "find their mate." Then, we reviewed the vocabulary and definitions by adding them to a collective easel page.  Did you know that a unit angle is an angle that cuts off 1/360 of a circle and measures 1 degree?