Thursday, October 8, 2015


We've earned sundaes!  Tomorrow we are going to have an ice cream sundae party.  This was something we had to earn as a team.  We had to work together to get 12 paper sundaes. After the 12, we get REAL sundaes!

In science, we've been studying rocks and minerals.  Today we learned about the streak test.  You can learn about the test here.

In math we took a test on unit 2.  We focused on patterns in this unit.

Social studies has had us exploring the globe!  We've used student-sized globes to learn about the continents and we've been working with atlases to find out about different features in a map.

Daily 5 has been pretty exciting!  We've been using ipads to read and check our comprehension.  We've also been reading a really interesting article on Alcatraz.  This has prompted us to write a summary.  Did you know Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers escaped Alcatraz?  Supposedly they are out there somewhere...Ask your fourth grader about the article tonight!

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