Sunday, September 20, 2015

Painting Portraits

One of my favorite projects of the school year is the one in which the kids make self-portraits. Finally, all of the portraits are done and the installment is almost finished - come and see it at Open House.
In other news, students have been working hard at getting homework done and their LION books signed.  In fourth grade, students are expected to read 30 minutes every night. Typically, there's a mad minute and some piece of math that was started in class earlier in the day. Spelling words come home weekly. Homework should take no longer than 40 minutes. If it does, please write me a note to let me know and we'll figure out a way to complete the assignments. In additon, if you have a family emergency and your child is/was unable to do their homework, jot me a note.
Four Winds starts Monday morning, September 28th at 8:15. Be sure to ask your child about their experiences. We'll post photos of the lesson soon.

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