Friday, January 16, 2015

Teachers Teaching Teachers

Welcome to class!  We're going to be learning about Google Blogger today.  Google Blogger is a FREE weblog publishing tool that allows you to share text, photos, and video. We'll go over the basics today - setting up a website, making posts, and navigating around Blogger.  If we have time, we'll talk about adding pictures to posts and an app called Blogster.  Thanks for signing up!

A few housekeeping items:  There's a bathroom here, but you may want more privacy. If so, there's an adult bathroom near the office.  To get there, go back down the ramps and through the double doors and the bathroom will be on your left.   If you are looking for water, go back toward the office and you'll see a hallway on your left.  Take that left and you'll see the fountain and water filtration system immediately to your left.

After today's session, you need to fill out a PD form for your hours and a session feedback survey.
Both are available below:

Professional Development Hours

Google Blogger Survey

Thanks for coming out today to learn about Google Blogger!  Have a nice LONNNNNGG weekend!

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