Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cooking with Kids!

This week we started our unit on fractions using Math in Focus (one of the math pilots the district is trying this year).  To introduce the unit, we baked cookies!  We started out our lesson with writing a chocolate chip cookie recipe. Then, we reviewed fractions with measuring cups and measuring spoons. Each student took turns adding various ingredients into bowls and then combining them.  We baked the cookies six at a time in a toaster oven (thanks to my little brother, Aaron).  It worked!  Baking with kids is so much fun!  If you aren't doing it at home, you should! If you are, good for you! If you are a classroom teacher and haven't cooked with your students, what are you waiting for!?  The cookies won't bake themselves!
One last note...a BIG thank you to Jonica for rescuing us!  I forgot flour and she came to the rescue.  Phew!  Take a peek at the pics!

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