Friday, October 18, 2013


Today in class we read the book Cock-A-Doodle-Hooooooo! by Mick Manning and illustrated by Brita Granstrom.  In this book, an owl wants to sleep and ends up in a chicken coop.  The chickens pick on him because he can't peck, crow, or dig.  There is, however, something he can do!  Read this book to find out!
As part of the reading we made owl pictures using pencil, sharpie, watercolor, and marker.  Come view them in a classroom near you!

Many students have put in tons of effort to complete their Picturing Writing books on the monarch butterfly. Bindings should be on books by the end of next week.  You'll see the finished products at conferences.

We took a math test this week on unit 2.  This is part of our math pilot, Math in Focus.  Several children found the test challenging.  We'll be working through the problems next week to see what problems caused a ruckus!

Have a great weekend!

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