Thursday, September 12, 2013

Welcome Parents!

Dear Parents,
Welcome to class!  We're so excited to tell you about fourth grade!  Did you know, we have read 14 books in 8 days?  Our favorites include A Bad Case of Stripes, The Dot, and Spud Murphy.  In addition to reading lots of books we've set our goals, made rules, and created classroom jobs.
Ms. Allen loves art.  We have participated in three art projects.  They are displayed on the walls.  Can you find your kid on the bulletin board titled, "Guess Who?"
In math, we are studying place value up to the ten thousands place.  We can write numbers in three ways. standard form, word form, and expanded form. Can you?
Social studies has been all about us!  We read the book Me on the Map and are making our own Me on the Map books!
In Daily 5, we have learned about word work, read to self, read to someone, listen to reading, and work on writing.  We've been working on building stamina in reading and sitting properly when reading with a peer.
Want to know what's really fun (and not so fun) about this class?  OCASSIONALLY, we get treats, our teacher yodels, Ms. Allen is loud and CRAZY, we have eleven girls and only four boys, we play fun games, we have a lot of homework, we eat lunch in our classroom, we get to go on fun field trips, pick THREE books from the library, and walk to the Kilton Library to pick books.
We hope you enjoy the meeting.
The Dots

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